Flewellen Creek


Eco-friendly living by design

Master Planned Community FulshearThe community land plan for Cross Creek Ranch was designed with two objectives in mind: to enhance the lifestyles of our residents and to be
eco-friendly in the process.

Every effort has been made to develop the natural beauty of our community while making a positive and proactive contribution to the environment. Our innovative and intelligent land plan design will enrich the lives of everyone who calls Cross Creek Ranch home, both now and for the generations to come.

Flewellen Creek Park

Winding approximately 150 acres through the very heart of Cross Creek Ranch, Flewellen Creek Park is destined to be one of our most unique and delightful amenities. The restoration of the creek and the development of the surrounding park will produce a rich, natural centerpiece that connects the entire community. By taking cues from the surrounding environmental region, Flewellen Creek is being restored to a beautiful and balanced eco-system that will provide support for birds and wildlife as well as a natural backdrop for our hike and bike trails and disc golf course.

Cross Creek Ranch - Flewellen Creek Park Cross Creek Ranch - Flewellen Creek Park Master Planned Community Fulshear