b'LET THEFun BEGIN!Theres always something going on in Cross Creek Ranch! We have an on-site lifestyle director thatkeepsresidentsofallagesengagedwithabusy calendarofevents.Thisallowsresidentstonotonlyenjoy quality time with their own families, but also meet neighbors who soon become fast friends.Inadditiontoourlifestyledirectorbeingtheeventproducer, they are also the connector of our residents. Aconcierge,ifyouwill,thatoftentimesputsour new residents in touch with others that share similar interests.Wondering what events are available for you toparticipate in when you make the move to CrossCreek Ranch? Stop on by the lifestyle directorsofficeattheWelcomeCentersoyoucanlearnaboutallyouhavetolookforwardtoinCrossCreekRanch!LifestyleDirector@crosscreektexas.com281-341-8429'