Cross Creek Ranch Foundation

The Cross Creek Ranch Foundation Committee, a non-profit committee of the Cross Creek Community Association partly comprised of Cross Creek Ranch homeowners, serves to invest in the future of Cross Creek Ranch and the surrounding community. Designed to supplement and complement the Cross Creek Ranch Community Association, the Foundation enhances services and resources through the sponsorship of programs, activities and events in and around Cross Creek Ranch.

The Foundation is funded by residents of Cross Creek Ranch! The Foundation is funded by a transfer fee that is equal to .25% of the sale of each home purchased within Cross Creek Ranch. This transfer fee is a deed covenant, therefore when a property is resold in the future, the fee is assessed at closing. These funds allow the Foundation to grow as Cross Creek Ranch grows and enables many programs and events to greatly enhance the quality of life in the community. Click here for more fee information.

Who benefits? Cross Creek Ranch residents! The Foundation’s primary areas of focus include:

- Community events, clubs, groups and sports

- Health and wellness

- Technology

- Education

- The environment

From concerts on the Hill, and gourmet culinary events in the Community Center to fitness programs, seasonal celebrations and environmental initiatives, the Cross Creek Ranch Foundation helps make every day an invaluable opportunity to have fun, explore new experiences and grow closer as a community.

“One of the newest housing trends in the nation is the establishment of trusts and foundations to provide communities with opportunities for the future. Such foundations set their communities apart by going above and beyond the responsibilities and activities of traditional homeowners associations. Foundations provide a higher level of services and resources to the community and residents in a manner unlike the standard method of annual assessments.”

—Rob Bamford, General Manager, Cross Creek Ranch

Click here for more information about the Cross Creek Ranch Education Foundation. Click here to see photos of Cross Creek Ranch and how the Cross Creek Ranch Foundation helps to keep our community beautiful.

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