We hope that you will agree that Cross Creek Ranch was a great place to lay low and stay at home during quarantine.

How did you spend your days in Cross Creek Ranch? Did you walk the trails? Fish the lakes? Watch the birds at the Polishing Pond? Maybe pull up lawn chairs in driveways to visit with neighbors at an appropriate social distance?

  • Monica Stasse


    "We’ve lived in CCR since 2015 after moving from New Jersey. We felt very lucky to be in CCR during the quarantine. Lots of family time spent on the trails biking, walking running; enjoyed the butterfly garden, discovering hidden trails around CCR, finding painted rocks, and fishing! Social distancing birthday parades were taken to the next level with attached carts pulled by car!"

  • Lillian Wanjagi

    CCR Resident Since 2015

    I’m Lillian and have lived in CCR for 5 years. I am an avid recreational runner and I love all the trails that we have in CCR.  Having so many trails allowed for variation in routes to admire our gorgeous community. CCR has so many running trails - During the quarantine I’ve run 102 miles in March, 116 miles in April and 63 miles for May so far. I take a picture on every single run because it’s just beautiful and save it on Strava (a running app) to remember the view outside.  We have the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets in CCR. I am an early morning runner so I like to take capture the sunrises. On Friday, April 10, I run a virtual challenge around CCR that consisted of a total of 22.4 miles. This virtual challenge entailed running a 5K, 10K, and half marathon (13.1 miles) back to back.

  • Toni Oudalstole

    My family of 6 joined the CCR Rocks Facebook Group which was such a fun thing during a sad time. We enjoyed getting out and searching for the colored rocks and hiding them again. We also started an alligator hunt where we would try and walk or bike by as many lakes as we could to spot an alligator. The neighborhood has so many beautiful trails. We really loved biking and walking daily to see all the different creatures and landscapes CCR has to offer.

  • Paul Broussard

    I go for almost daily walks around the neighborhood and take pictures of wildlife, flowers, landscapes and CCR architecture. I typically post these to the CCR Resident FB pages!

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