Fundraiser for CCR resident, Missy Wicker

September 29, 2011

CROSS CREEK RANCH Fundraiser for Missy Wicker   by Jackie Ennis

It was a successful night at the Cross Creek Ranch on Saturday, August 20th as crowds of supporters for Missy Wicker showed up to the Cross Creek Ranch's Multipurpose room to raffle and eat some tasty barbecue. All proceeds went to the Missy Wicker Fund, as our turn out raised over $8,500.00 dollars in donations. The Fulshear Commercial State Bank volunteered their trackless train and time, allowing all the little attendees free rides.  The evening was filled with many Cross Creek Residents and members of our community coming together to help the beautiful nine-year-old fourth grader.  Missy is a resident of Cross Creek Ranch as well as a student at Stanley Elementary School. The mayor of Fulshear, Tommy Kuykendall, along with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley of Stan Stanley Elementary and the school's principals, Mrs. Finnes and Mrs. Bailey, attended the event to support Missy Wicker. This was a great community event, where everyone enjoyed the fun activities and neighborhood bonding.  Missy's teachers helped serve food along with her neighbors of Cross Creek Ranch.  Many of the door prizes, raffle items and baked goods were provided by residents of Cross Creek Ranch as well the Cross Creek Ranch Marketing Department.  Spring Creek, HEB and Black Walnut also provided donations for the barbecue.

Cross Creek Ranch Residents recognized the need for the Wicker family and were able to organize this event in only a few short weeks.  Neighbors joined in by bringing dinners, mowing their yard and helping with their children.  Everyone pitched in without hesitation.  We live in a wonderful community with really giant, giving hearts.  At the end of the fundraising evening, the Wicker's gave a thank you speech that had the whole room in tears.  With the large number of relocations to Cross Creek Ranch, it would seem that it would be difficult for all the people to come together, yet the residents have formed together into a united family.  We are all proud and honored to be here in this wonderful community.

On Monday, the children lined up at the bus stop of Brandy Creek, and all in attendance shared their large smiles with their fellow student and friend, Missy, all ready to go.  This event simply reinforced the fact that wherever there is a friend in need, the helping hands of this wonderful community will come together to try their best to find a solution.



Left to Right: Makenzie, Elizabeth, Allene, Gracie, Samantha and Elena

Left to Right: Jim, Missy and Liz Wicker with Stan Stanley

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