Points of Pride: Spotlight on Lamar Consolidated ISD

September 07, 2010

Lamar CISD's mission is "to educate all students by ensuring access to a superior education through inspired leadership among parents, teachers, administrators, and staff, allowing students to achieve their full potential to participate in future social, economic and educational opportunities in their community."

At Lamar CISD, parents will find small schools, proud traditions and a "hometown" atmosphere that will provide a positive learning environment for their children and help foster the important relationships between education, students, parents and teachers. "Everywhere you look in Lamar CISD you will find a Point of Pride. Whether it is our smallest student or our biggest athlete, LCISD produces some of the finest students in the state. Our teachers and administrators are recognized as leaders in the classroom and statewide organizations. We think you will be impressed by our academic successes and extracurricular achievements." To download the Lamar CISD Points of Pride Brochure, click here. 

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