Give Your Trees Some Love

August 09, 2019
Trees at Cross Creek Ranch

Cross Creek Ranch has a lot of trees and we are dedicated to keeping every one of them healthy so our residents can enjoy them for years to come. Love your trees, too? Here are tips for spotting issues from Certified Arborist Joseph Keefe of Bartlett Tree Experts.

Signs of a tree pest or disease include: 

  • Discoloration, spots or bumps on leaves
  • Branch dieback, wilting or thinning of foliage
  • Mushrooms or fungal growth near a tree's trunk
  • Dark areas or oozing liquid on the trunk or roots
  • Presence of nests or caterpillars
  • Small exit holes in the trunk or branches
  • Sawdust like debris

Some problems may be simply aesthetic, while others can be a real threat to tree health and vitality. As such, it is important to have a Certified Arborist inspect your trees to determine the underlying cause.


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