Handy Plant Matrix Is Your Blueprint for a Beautiful Yard

November 19, 2019
Beautiful Flowers at Cross Creek Ranch

Does your green thumb tingle as you flip the flower-filled pages of the latest Southern Living magazine? Does your imagination overflow on the possibility of having carefully planted landscaping worthy of the front cover?

And then you remember that not all of that beautiful bounty grows in Houston. And you realize that your thumb is actually a little more brown than green. And suddenly your floral fantasy wilts.

But wait! There’s more than just Yaupon Holly that thrives in Houston’s soil and temperatures. There’s a long list of flowers, grasses, shrubs and ornamental trees that absolutely love the Houston weather.

Here you’ll find a plant matrix that not only lists these Houston-friendly plants but also mature heights and widths, how much sun or shade they need and their habitat value. It also details bloom time and bloom color — if applicable — allowing you to create a picture-perfect landscape of color.

Start planting and get ready to post those Instagram photos — who knows? Maybe Southern Living will come knocking on your door!

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