New Cross Creek Ranch Elementary Named for Mayor

March 27, 2023

The newest onsite school in Cross Creek Ranch will bear a notable name when it opens in August 2024  — Viola Gilmore Randle Elementary.

Randle, who has the distinction of being Fulshear’s first Black mayor, was an icon in the community. The daughter of sharecroppers, Randle grew up in Fulshear, eventually becoming a business owner, activist and community leader. She served as mayor from 1993 to 1998 when the city’s population was approximately 600. Randle believed in public service and doing her civic duty. Upon retiring from the city council, she continued to serve on boards and commission. She passed away in 2020 at the age of 96.

"I hope the students who will go to Viola Gilmore Randle Elementary will remember who she was. She was a community and public servant. She was a pioneer. She was a Fulshear icon. She was a mainstay up until she passed," LCISD Board President Alex Hunt told Channel 13 in an interview.

Randle’s great-nephew was also interviewed for the story and said he hopes the story of his great-aunt will be meaningful to children attending the school.

"I hope it inspires them to dream big. Think beyond any kind of barriers that you can have. You can come from poverty. You can come from situations that are not favorable and you can still make it," Torey Gilmore said.

Cross Creek Ranch students might be familiar with Gilmore, who is a counselor at Dean Leamon Junior High, one of the schools serving Cross Creek Ranch students. The young scholars also currently attend Morgan Elementary, Roberts Middle School and Fulshear High School.

Randle Elementary, at 5902 Sycamore Ranch Lane, will be the first LCISD school within Cross Creek Ranch. There are four Katy ISD schools within the community — James E. Randolph Elementary, Campbell Elementary, Adams Junior High and Jordan High School. Roberts Middle School, Dean Leamon Junior High and Fulshear High School are just outside of the community less than a mile from the Randle Elementary campus.